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Fujimaru's Journey

The Travelling Wine Merchant


We are a wine merchant – or “negotiant”, as they say in French. An odd one to say the least, as we work in so many different forms as one small company: from wine farming to wine making, wholesale, retail, e-commerce, restaurants, teaching at wine schools, writing about wine in magazines and other media. However, we feel we are not working on these things alone, but with our friends from all over the world. Regardless of the size of the organization, wine creates a strong bond between the people who are involved.
I often travel to visit these friends, and to spend quality time with them. With an ever-growing virtual reality, I believe in the importance of having our own truths; those that we create by sharing and spending time with each other.


Outside the frame of a picture there is always a scenery, a scent, and the sound of daily lives. This is where new discoveries and ideas exist, and with each travel, I feel I am brought to a different stage in life.


Here in Japan, and everywhere else, I believe that a journey led by wine brings brightness and excitement, and joy to life. I hope to share parts of my journey here with you.